Rainbow, blue sky, clouds-

It is our "zero gravity" position that gives you

the feeling of weightlessness and the

and the sensation of floating.

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Compare the weight of our hammock
chair to the average imported model.

Our cord is over three times
heavier than the imported.

Earth floating in a Dreamweavers Hammock Suspension Swing




Making the world

a little more comfortable

one person at a time.

Dreamweavers Hammocks are designed for comfort.

Hammock Man - Gilbert at Dreamweavers Hammocks

With decades of combined experience, we understand construction and the secrets to making high quality hammocks.

Not all hammocks are created equal.
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If you don’t know Hammocks,
Know your Hammock Man!

Suspension Therapy Swing

Exploring the AWE

Our suspension swing creates alpha waves which benefit you by producing a state of calmness and equilibrium for mind & body:

  • ⇒ focusing the mind
  • ⇒ enhancing the ability to learn
  • ⇒ supporting communication & social interactions.