About Dreamweavers Hammocks

Our Website Mission

Our website is dedicated to inform you about the construction and materials used in hammock making and reveal Dreamweavers® zero gravity design, the reason why our hammocks are renowned for comfort and therapeutic qualities.

The Story of Dreamweavers® Hammocks

We are new to the Internet marketing community, but one of the oldest hammock makers in the country. We started out as a Mom and Pop operation over twenty years ago in the beautiful and serene backwoods of Idaho tying fishing nets, knotting sports goal nets and weaving hammocks. The dream for our hammocks was to make the world a little more comfortable one person at a time.

With this dream in mind, we traveled the world over exploring designs and ideas that would set Dreamweavers® Hammocks apart from their ancient counterparts. Finally, a blue print was created.

Our secret comfort design (click on Anatomy of a Hammock for more information) has been taught to hundreds of “do-it-yourselfers” including sailors, scout troops, and women’s knitting circles to name a few.

Dreamweavers® Hammocks attract hundreds of individuals and families, “relaxation specialists,” medical professionals and health seekers at our Arts and Crafts Fairs throughout the North and Southwest. You can visit our friends by clicking on Patrons Photo Gallery and Stories.