Anatomy of a Hammock Chair Swing

Hammock Chair Swing Anatomy

Since their inception, the hammock chair swing has rocketed to popularity. This phenomenon occurred for several reasons:

  • Hammock Suspension Swing Safer for use—toddlers to seniors
  • Versatility of use—indoors and outdoors
  • Easy installation—single point of suspension
  • Portability—light weight
  • Practicality—space conserving.

Along with the fact that hammock-makers agree about the dynamics surrounding the chair hammocks. They also agree that there are considerable differences of feeling between and among chair hammocks. This is particularly evident when compared with how one feels in the traditional tree-to-tree hammock where there is very little difference in design and feeling.

Hammock Chair Swing Design

In sharp contrast, hammock chair swing design and construction vary greatly. Although they appear to be basically the same equipped with a backrest, a footrest, and a single spreader spar, the feeling one experiences can span the range from dis-ease to heavenly.not dental floss hammocks

Given these characteristics, know that Not All Hammock Chair Swings are Created Equal.

Your main consideration in purchasing a hammock chair swing is the level of comfort it provides you. At first glance, the woven body takes on no special meaning. However, the key in providing you a feeling of comfort is how a hammock chair swing is woven and how the sidelines (harness lines) are strung or set.

Hammock Chair Swing Cord

More specifically, the secret to your comfort rests with the length of the woven hammock body, the number of sidelines (harness lines) and how they are set in concert with weave tightness and cord thickness. These are the main considerations to look for when you purchase your hammock chair swing.
Compare the weight of our hammock chair swing to the average imported model. Our cord is over 3 times heavier than the imported.

Notice the difference of the thickness of the cords.

Our cord is either 100% polyester or 100% cotton for superior strength and easy cleaning.


In addition to our cord being stronger, our chair hammocks or suspension swings are more comfortable, thanks to the larger cord.

The spreader bar is made of Mississippi river red oak, known for its strength.

Our bridal lines are heavy polyester, non-abrasive, UV resistant, acid and alkali resistant. And, will not mold or mildew, with low stretch and superior in strength.spar

The body of the swing is a single plait weave, tightly woven to prevent entanglement. It extends to approximately 8 feet in length and 3 1/2 feet in width.

The height from the top of the ring to the bottom of the swing (seat) is approximately 5 1/2 feet. The body of the swing is woven of natural 1/4 inch tightly twisted cotton chord, a heavy fiber content and therefore, very durable.

Hammock Chair Swing Therapy

We at Dreamweavers® are puppeteers. Similar to the puppeteer, we are able to change the position of your body depending upon how we set our harness lines to the woven hammock body.

hammock anatomyImagine the possibilities! For example, we can lower or raise the sidelines/harness lines to move the head more forward or release it to drop pillow-like into the net. The same principal applies to increasing or decreasing small back support. This puppeteering action is important in order to provide you comfort, health and relaxation. Chiropractors have determined that our standard model stretches the lumbar relieving pressure and pain.

Our years in the business afforded us opportunities to speak with surgeons, gynecologists, physical therapists, and other health care providers. We understand the importance of stretching the lumbar and providing overall body support. We understand how to set the headlines for people with neck problems. Multi-positional options are built into the design thus, allowing a variety of ways to support the neck and the body in general. We have examined these problems and designed a chair built for all body types. Imported hammock chair swing, such as those woven by Latin American weavers, many times do not consider design features to include taller, longer, wider body types.

Dreamweavers® Hammock Chair Swing Benefits

We have fashioned our design and created a seat that lays your body in the same position as astronauts while being blasted off against six or seven G-forces. This “astronaut” position has less gravitational force exerted on the human skeletal frame than any other. We wove this consideration into the design of the chair.

It is this “zero gravity” position that gives you the feeling of weightless and the sensation of floating. Hundreds of patrons literally sigh when they lay in our chair. Many say they are “back in the womb, cocooned and feeling weightless.” Expectant mothers are particularly grateful for the floating and weightless experience in a Dreamweavers® hammock chair swing.

We at Dreamweavers® understand that not all hammock chair swings have the same level of comfort. While the look is basically the same; the feeling varies widely from dis-ease to heaven! Dreamweavers® secret comfort pattern reveals our years of research and experience, to promote your relaxation, health, and healing.

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