Suspension Swing Therapy

Because we make our own hammocks, we know what comfort feels like.  We also know through years of experience and research that well designed hammocks are more than just relaxing, they support healing.  In the medical and health care fields, chair hammocks are considered as suspension swing therapy for vestibular input.

See our Anatomy of a Hammock page for information on the care and quality we weave into Dreamweavers®.

Individuals dealing with autism, muscular dystrophy, vestibular processing, spatial integration, pressure sore, stress reduction, and those who wish to benefit in the areas of mind/body connection, correction, meditation and relaxation GREATLY BENEFIT from prescribed sessions in our suspension swings.

We are internationally recognized by Physical Therapists (PT’s), Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA’s), Occupational Therapists (OT’s), Occupational Therapists Assistants (OTA’s) who are currently using our product. We have amazing reports regarding the benefits from the use of our suspension swings. For example, thirty minutes in our swing, relative to muscular dystrophy patients, is equal to approximately two hours of deep tissue massage. Our suspension swings relax and moderate muscle tone and decrease spasms in those individuals with cerebral palsy.

Our hammocks assist school district endeavors across the nation.  Dreamweavers® suspension swing therapy serves special education and special needs programs, supports counseling sessions, enhances libraries and comforts children in pre-school and kindergarten classrooms.  Our hammocks are chosen by physical therapists and used in rehabilitation centers for mental and physical benefits.  Our chair hammock design promotes health and healing.

Do you know that our chair hammock, our suspension swing provides the following benefits?Alpha Wave Engineers

  • Thirty minutes in a suspension swing is equal to two hours of deep tissue massage for persons with muscular dystrophy
  • Suspension swings are excellent tools for spatial integration and therapeutic vestibular input for the developmentally disabled.
  • Autistic persons are prone to hypersensitivity and tend to be introverted in social situations.  Soothing comfort and shelter from their external world is found in our suspension swings.
    See for research information.
  • Alpha-Beta and Theta states of brain wave activity are reached more quickly when meditating in suspension swings.
  • Our hammock swings provide hours of activity for infants, toddles and children and can be used as a nurturing method of breastfeeding for nursing mothers.

Dreamweavers® Hammocks making the world a little more comfortable one person at a time.  We firmly believe that if everyone were in a hammock, there would peace on this planet for the first time in thousands of years.